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King of Picknose's Kingdom

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Picknose has gone from king to refugee and back again more often than any troll on Abode, primarily because of his ability to do the unexpected. His name was inspired by his most prominent facial feature, which resembles the "curved business end of a pick." Picknose's interactions with the Wolfriders have been mixed at best. He once trapped the Wolfriders in the Burning Waste and on another occation tried to steal the key in the pommel of Cutter's sword. Later the elves somewhat reluctantly rescued Picknose and his fellow slaves from Guttlekraw 's pits. An uneasy alliance forming between the elves and Picknose's trolls, their combined forces won the Elf-Troll War.

Picknose's up-and-down luck wasn't done with him yet, and he subsequently lost his crown in a game of toss-stones. This left him without future prospects and almost without his beloved, Oddbit. But when he was taken (against his will) to the New Land with Old Maggoty, Oddbit, and their daughter Trinket, he started a new kingdom filled with his descendants. During the majority of the time that the Palace was gone, Picknose safeguarded the cocoons of the Wolfriders, opening them only after the Palace returned. Nothing is known of what happened to him after the Djun's War.

After Cutter reestablished the Wolfrider's presence in the regrown Holt, it was discovered that the caverns where the Southern Trolls once dwelled were inhabited by feral trolls. In order to managed the unruly trolls, Cutter sent word to Picknose of his old haunts the the untouched treasure vaults. Picknose quickly abandoned his kingdom and returned with his family into tow to Holt. He managed to re-establish order in the caverns by bribing the feral trolls with food for their loyalty. Later he accepted Mender's magical enchantments to undergo cosmetic face-lifting to make him look younger for his wife. When Cutter when insane due to the near-death of his wolf and stress, Picknose informed Cutter's tribe of his whereabouts when the mad elf passed through his newly established kingdom.